The Surgical Technique to Restore Hair

The Surgical Technique to Restore Hair

Hair Transplant is a cosmetic surgery and does have side-effects. Stem cells and dermal papilla cells have been discovered in hair follicles. Research on these follicular cells may lead to successes in treating baldness through hair multiplication (HM), also known as hair cloning.
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Hair Transplantation: An Effective Way To Get Back Your Natural Hairs

Taking the final call

Every bald person has to look for some effective hair fall therapy. Among all these therapies, hair transplant surgery is certainly the most effective. But, opting for a hair transplant is not an easy decision as you may think. Even if you do the best possible research and find a qualified transplant clinic, you will always have some fear to undergo the surgery.

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The research analysis

You will find a reliable hair transplant clinic, only if you do proper research for it. Reputed clinics always have a high success rate and a proven track record. As a patient, you should always look for the best surgeons in town, before taking the final call. Choosing a qualified surgeon will help you to get the desired results.

If you wish to find a qualified hair transplant surgeon, you must take the following tips into account.

Choosing a cheaper clinic

Hair transplant is usually a very costly affair. So, a cheap clinic might not give you quality services. Hiring a cheap transplantation technique will give inferior results and a clearly visible scarring on the head. However, this does not imply that choosing an expensive clinic will give you the best possible results. As a patient, you should always look for a qualified surgeon, who will do the surgery at an affordable price.

Health tourism

Health or medical tourism is quite popular choice these days. Nowadays, many people undergo a hair transplant surgery at an affordable price, thanks to the medical tourism concept. If you have severe baldness, the surgery might cost you somewhere around 1000 dollars. Many countries now offer effective hair transplant surgeries at quite reasonable price. As a result, many patients now have the liberty to visit the country and avail the surgery at the modest price.  Even though you can save a lot of money on the surgery, you should find a qualified clinic for it.

Customer feedbacks 

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Check whether an existing customer is happy with the services or not. Good clinics always have a high customer satisfaction history. The same think applies for every service provider. If you want to judge the surgeon’s credibility, then you must talk with his old or existing patients. If a clinic offers good results, the customers will always rate it highly. Thus a client testimonial will always help you to judge the quality of your hair transplant surgeon.

The ‘goal’ line

Hair transplantation is certainly the most effective hair fall treatment today. With constant advancements in the healthcare industry, it has certainly come a long way. The concept of hair transplant surgery is quite different than it was 30 years before. Today one can expect high quality hair restoration techniques. But, as a patient, you should always do proper research before taking the final decision.

This will definitely help you to carry out your goals.

Now Your Hair Can Be As Good As Rapunzels

Hair fall being a major problem in people today, it has become the reason of stress in many. Beauty certainly is a major reason and nobody would appreciate someone with receding hairline appearing to be very old.

There may be various reasons behind balding.  But the four main reasons are stress, perversion, tainting and poor nutrition. This has proceeded the balding age to 20 in the 21st century from 40 in the 20th century. It’s normal to lose 50-100 fiber daily. But if you see more than that than you must realize that there’s something seriously wrong in your body and should consult a dermatologist within no time. Biology is also to blame in hair fall. If your ancestors are a victim of hair fall then you can have the tendency too. Not only genetics but as mentioned earlier, stress also plays a big role. If you deal with a stressful life then you should start worrying about your hair now and stop taking stress.

Nutrition is equally important. If a plant does not get food, we couldn’t expect it to grow. This applies equally to our hair. There are many ways to get back good hair today, the best being hair transplantation. There are many clinics offering the opportunity of hair transplant Kolkata.


Our hair is build up of a protein named keratin. If we do not have enough nutritious food we would be protein deficient. Our body separates away the available protein for cell build up and other processes. So if we do have enough protein our hair will lack it and hair fall will be the next thing happening. Doctors suggest having foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts, dairy products and oily fish for a healthy hair. The hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) causes hair fall and antioxidants like green tea block this hormone. Intake of oral contraceptives should be limited as they have a negative impact on hair.

If no other measure rescues then you could surely trust the most effective hair growth i.e. hair transplantation. A section of hair is taken from the donor section and implanted on the acceptor section of the scalp. The surgery takes 4-5 hours of time and is done under the application of anesthesia. Cost of the surgery depends upon the type and amount of scalp treated. Cost of hair transplant Kolkata ranges from 5000 INR to 500000 INR. Even middle class families could have the privilege of gaining their hair back.

With Hair Transplantation Enhance Your Outward Manifestation

hair transplantation

With the advent of new technologies today cost of hair transplantation has reduced a lot. Before you go for this treatment choose the best clinic which can offer you an efficient and cost-effective treatment.

Nowadays hair loss is a common problem that’s faced by a huge some people. These can be due to innumerable reasons. Whatever are these reasons, but hair loss is a real irritation. Hence people are opting for the cosmetic surgeries to make their hair permanently perfect. It helps them to get their original hair once again. Prior to anything else you must go for a consultation to a renowned clinic in order to clear all your doubts as well as to know the cost of the treatment.

Information must be collected before the treatment:

Hair transplant in Kolkata is done by a team of proficient, qualified and experienced surgeons. They can easily help you with their superb advices. They would first check the reasons behind your hair loss. They would ask you about your family heredity, personal information etc. You don’t have to pay anything for this consultation. During this the clinic would give you information about the services provided by them. Now with the knowledge about the various restoration techniques and cost of the treatment you can easily take a confident step towards this treatment.   

Gather certain information before the treatment:

Before anything search for the best clinic where you can avail the best treatment. You should take your own time before deciding which clinic will do your treatment. You can even search online to find a trust worthy clinic. If you can, then compare the services of various clinics and then come to any decision. Even you can go for a discussion with your friends or relatives who already had went through the restoration treatments.

Factors determining the cost of the treatment:

Cost of hair transplant in Kolkata largely depends on these factors like:

  • The class of follicular transplantation procedure
  • The severity of your baldness
  • The number of donor grafts available
  • Donor grafts matches your scalp features like texture or color

In huge number of cases the cost mainly depends on the number of grafts transplanted and on the number of sessions your scalp requires. With the recent utilization of advanced technologies along with the increased rate of competition the cost of this treatment is quite reduced. Unbelievable yet true, this treatment is totally painless. Hence go for this treatment and get your hair back within a few months.

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Hair Transplant: A Deep Insight Into the Surgical Technique

Hair Transplant: A Deep Insight Into the Surgical Technique
By Samik Samaddar

A lot of people go through hair fall problems these days. A thinning hairline can occur due to several reasons. Baldness can occur due to genetic defects, malnutrition, hormonal imbalance or regular intake of prescription drugs. Whatever the reason is, hair transplantation is by far the most effective solution for fixing baldness problems.

If you are going through this kind of hair fall, you can also opt for such hair transplantation surgery. Hair implantation is certainly the best possible method of restoring the thinning scalp.

Such transplantation surgeries use the follicles of the patient and can thus produce a long- lasting natural looking hairs. You must allow the hairs to grow back after the implantation is complete. When the hairs grow back to their normal length, they demand regular washing, trimming and grooming. These hairs need no extra care as the surgeons extract them from the donor area (of the patient). Hair transplantation is a minor surgery and thus has a quick healing time. The surgery only involves the superficial layers. The surgeons prick the epidermis or dermis by subjecting the patient to a local anaesthetic. Thus, the patient does not go through any kind of pain.

If you wish to go for hair transplantation, you must have a sound knowledge about the procedure from before. This will save you a lot of time and provide in-depth information about the process. Try to meet some hair transplant patients personally and ask them about their success stories. This will boost your self-confidence to a certain extent. After hearing their success stories, you will have a greater confidence and justification to go under the knife.

Different hair transplant surgeons have different set of skills. So, the results will always differ to certain extent. Speaking with earlier hair transplant patients will give you immense confidence and self-belief. These patients can also guide you about the different ways and can boost your mental preparation.

A lot of people have successfully found the right results. After getting a transplant, they have seen the hairs growing all over the head. Proper hair restoration always produces remarkable results. But, before opting for the surgery, you must do a bit of research. This research will act more like homework and will help you prepare mentally.

But, before opting for the surgery, you must find a qualified hair implant surgeon. This will only help you to find the right kind of results.

Samik Samaddar writes for Prem Cosmetic Surgery, a premier centre for hair transplant in India. Consult their experts if you want to end your social embarrassments permanently. To learn more please visit the page hairtransplantindia.

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Hair Transplantation: A Guide to Choose the Right Clinic

Hair Transplantation: A Guide to Choose the Right Clinic
By Samik Samaddar

Hair fall problems compel many people to go for effective surgical techniques such as a hair transplant. But, no person can undergo the surgery without consulting a qualified hair transplant surgeon. A certified clinic always has a bunch of skilful and knowledgeable surgeons. These surgeons specialize in different aspects of hair transplantation surgery and offer the best possible advice to their patients. The surgeons carry a thorough examination to analyze the baldness severity. A qualified surgeon will always give his best to offer utmost comfort and satisfaction to the patient.

A qualified surgeon always carries an in-depth analysis. They tell their patients about the services or surgical techniques during the first inspection. They always try to educate the people about the different transplant techniques. This gives the patients a lot of confidence before the surgery. Qualified surgeons understand the different needs of a patient and strive to fulfil all their expectations. At the time of consultation, these experts try to collect relevant information about the patient. They check if the patients have a family history of baldness or have some medical history or not. A reliable hair transplant clinic will always offer a stress-free experience to their patients. Qualified surgeons know that a hair fall problem is actually quite frustrating. So, they always want to offer their patients with the best possible services.

If you want to find a quality hair fall treatment, you must find a reliable hair transplant clinic. Plenty of clinics offer the same kind of services. But, their qualities will always differ. If you really want to find a reliable clinic, you certainly have to do some research. Browse different search engines or online directories to find a list of clinics around you. Compare their services and prices to find the right one. Check the customer feedbacks of a clinic and meet their previous clients personally. If they have any sweet memories about the clinic, they will always help you out. You can also ask your friends and relatives to see if they have any suggestions. The referral system is extremely useful for finding a reliable service provider. Moreover, you can also browse the yellow pages guide to find a trustworthy professional.

As a patient, you must have a sound knowledge about different transplantation techniques and their prices. Before opting for the surgery, you must check the clinic facilities. A qualified surgeon will work with all the latest tools and always offer with a high quality service. As a patient, you must check their industrial experience and certifications to judge their credibility.

Whether you opt for follicular unit grafting (FUG) or follicular unit extraction (FUE), finding a qualified surgeon is always key to your success.

Samik Samaddar writes for Prem Cosmetic Clinic, a premier centre offering hair transplantation in India. With them, you can certainly end your social embarrassments once for all.

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Hair Transplant: The Psychological Benefits That It Offers

Hair Transplant: The Psychological Benefits That It Offers
By Samik Samaddar

Men usually do not worry too much when they put on weight or get wrinkles on the face. But, most men usually consider hair fall problems as one of the most frightening symptoms of ageing. Baldness is a frustrating physical change for all men. No matter you are completely bald at 30 or 65 years of age, thinning hairs is certainly a crippling experience for men.

People usually focus on youthfulness in the recent times. So, hair fall problems will surely cause a lot of embarrassment (particularly in the social gatherings). Wearing a hat or spray on wigs is not popular anymore. But with recent advancements in the medical field, you can get rid of problems with a hair transplant surgery. Choosing an affordable transplant surgery will offer you plenty of benefits. The surgery takes a few hours and has a minimum downtime. Moreover, the excellent track report of a hair transplant surgery makes them a practical hair fall therapy today.

Even though the transplant has many procedural advantages, people usually look at its psychological benefits. Conventionally, hair follicles are symbols of fertility or sensuality. According to the Roman gods and Egyptian pharaohs, a head full of hairs is a symbol of power and admiration. Coming to this day, this belief still exists in our society.

People suffering from baldness go through a lot of depression. Their self-esteem and self-confidence sinks too low. Moreover, it causes a decent social embarrassment, especially in the family gatherings. Many people are not sure about the efficacy of the transplantation techniques. This thought confuses and puzzles them even more.

Transplantation is by far the most effective treatment for baldness. The surgery mimics the real tufts and imparts a natural look over time. With this, you will surely avoid the awkward looks and the embarrassing pranks. Even though the results are slow, they are pretty natural. So, the surgery will certainly restore your confidence over time.

The long-term physiological advantages are quite fascinating. Cosmetic surgeons always try to motivate the patients and boost their self-confidence. Hair transplant surgeons want to offer the patients with a quality service. So, after the surgery you will certainly lose all your anxiety and get the confidence back.

A confident approach will help you to get promotions at work. It will also give you the confidence to ask your girlfriend for a date. No matter what you need, the benefits are almost endless.

Samik Samaddar writes about Prem Cosmetic Surgery, a premier centre offering hair transplant in India. Quality hair transplantation can put an end to all your hair fall issues and bring back your lost prestige and confidence.

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