Fact about Spray Tanning – The Latest Beauty Trend in Vogue

Spray tan Maroubra,Beauty TrendThe spray tanning is the youngest baby in the beauty world. It is the latest way to get tanned without taking a sun bath. The easiest way of getting tanned within a few minutes, say about fifteen minutes. You just need to move into a tanning booth where a tanning mist is sprayed all over you. The mist that has a high amount of DHA that acts as a dying agent for your body. This is somewhat like tanning lotion with only one difference. The spray tanning in a booth ensures that the tanning mists covers your entire body and you get a uniform skin texture.

Spray tan generally last for a week, as it affects only the outer skin. However, this is the most effective way to get your skin tanned; you just need to spend a few minutes in a spray booth to get your skin dyed uniformly. This is an excellent way to look good at least for a week’s time, but however, if you want to have a longer effect you can get a retouch once a week.

Spray tan Maroubra is the most famed, you can follow some tips that most beauty salons practice to offer their clients with spray tanning that last for a satisfactory time period. Here are some tips;

• Moisturize your skin well before you go for skin tanning; the DHA present in the spray mist gets absorbs more effectively in a moisturized skin and last longer.

beauty salon Maroubra • Next is to remove all the dead cells before you get your skin tanned. Use a good exfoliation agent and remove the dead cells so that the mist gets a nice and fresh skin to act upon

Getting your skin tanned is a good way to save your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, some tanning mist may leave a starchy smell just after the process is over; though the odor completely vanishes after few hours. Hence, it is better to get it done a day before your d-day or your date. Nevertheless, if you want to get more information about this new kid in the beauty arena, consult any reputed beauty salon Maroubra who are known to offer the best skin tanning service.