Now Your Hair Can Be As Good As Rapunzels

Hair fall being a major problem in people today, it has become the reason of stress in many. Beauty certainly is a major reason and nobody would appreciate someone with receding hairline appearing to be very old.

There may be various reasons behind balding.  But the four main reasons are stress, perversion, tainting and poor nutrition. This has proceeded the balding age to 20 in the 21st century from 40 in the 20th century. It’s normal to lose 50-100 fiber daily. But if you see more than that than you must realize that there’s something seriously wrong in your body and should consult a dermatologist within no time. Biology is also to blame in hair fall. If your ancestors are a victim of hair fall then you can have the tendency too. Not only genetics but as mentioned earlier, stress also plays a big role. If you deal with a stressful life then you should start worrying about your hair now and stop taking stress.

Nutrition is equally important. If a plant does not get food, we couldn’t expect it to grow. This applies equally to our hair. There are many ways to get back good hair today, the best being hair transplantation. There are many clinics offering the opportunity of hair transplant Kolkata.


Our hair is build up of a protein named keratin. If we do not have enough nutritious food we would be protein deficient. Our body separates away the available protein for cell build up and other processes. So if we do have enough protein our hair will lack it and hair fall will be the next thing happening. Doctors suggest having foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts, dairy products and oily fish for a healthy hair. The hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) causes hair fall and antioxidants like green tea block this hormone. Intake of oral contraceptives should be limited as they have a negative impact on hair.

If no other measure rescues then you could surely trust the most effective hair growth i.e. hair transplantation. A section of hair is taken from the donor section and implanted on the acceptor section of the scalp. The surgery takes 4-5 hours of time and is done under the application of anesthesia. Cost of the surgery depends upon the type and amount of scalp treated. Cost of hair transplant Kolkata ranges from 5000 INR to 500000 INR. Even middle class families could have the privilege of gaining their hair back.


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