How to Protect Your Transformers and Extract the Best Out Of It

Dry Transformer Manufacturer in India, Universal Transformer India

Electric power transformer(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a large variety of transformers available in the market. These components form the basis of any power system in the world. The transformers play the most important role in integrating the power supply network and the smooth delivery of power. These are the most expensive part of any power system. Adverse or harsh weather can cause severe damage to the transformers which on its turn can damage some of the very important part of the power system. Moreover, the time taken to get these transformers working again is pretty long; hence we should try to seek measures to save the most important part of any power system from getting damaged.

A few careful steps can help us prevent malfunctioning of transformers. The use of properly sized equipment and conductors that are properly grounded minimizes or nullifies the risk of a transformer failure.

It is very important to invest in right type of transformers for carrying our specific purposes. There are generally two types of transformers available, the liquid filled and dry transformers. Before you buy any of these make sure you know which of these will serve your purpose the best. Searching over the net will help you gather a lot of knowledge about liquid filled and dry transformer manufacturer in India. Visit these sites to enhance your knowledge about the transformers, its uses and the ways to protect them.

Dry Transformer Manufacturer in India, Universal Transformer IndiaWhen you install a transformer, be sure that it is properly installed with its tank grounded permanently. If you are investing upon liquid filled transformers, make sure that rain or humidity does not have access to the liquid filled chambers inside the transformer. Make sure to pump in dry air if the outside humidity exceeds seventy percent.

All the parts of the transformers must be cleaned properly to make sure no impurity clogs the way of power flow. Moreover, before the transformer is energized take care that last check up of all its parts is satisfactorily done.

Ensure to invest on the best quality universal transformer India to cut down on maintenance cost.


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