Hair Restoration Surgeon – Important Aspects To Pay Attention To

6.Hair Transplant Surgery – Your Life Transforming Event

They say, “Beauty is skin deep”. However, the modern generation has a different say about it. Face the reality – good looks make your partner feel good about you. So, if you have a bald patch on your head, it’s high time you do something about it.

In this age of perfection, beauty treatments and cosmetic surgery has transformed the attitude of people towards life. Men as well as women are opting for cosmetic treatments and hair transplant surgeries. Considering the huge work load and hectic lifestyle, people are slowly losing their natural beauty and appeal. Naturally, these medical treatments and surgeries gained a lot of impetus in the last few years. With each passing year, they’re becoming more and more popular among the common populace. At present, India is one of the top five nations in the world, in terms of cosmetic treatments for skin, receding hairline, male pattern baldness and complete baldness. In India, there’s a growing trend among people to look good and feel good about their personality. When talking about character and personality, your hair plays an extremely important role.

According to studies and surveys, there are more than 500 hair transplant centers in the nation. Of these, only 10-20 percent centers actually deliver satisfactory results to their clients.  With more and more inexperienced and naïve surgeons entering the arena of cosmetic surgery, hair transplant treatments are actually a matter of huge concern. With at least 10-15 hair transplant centers opening in India at every alternate day, the market is loaded with dishonest professionals, who aim at cheating money out of innocent clients. Sadly, only 5-10 percent of the populace thinks that transplantation is the safest way to get rid of baldness. Others prefer sticking to the age-old methods of hair masks and ayurvedic treatments. If you’re aware of the benefits of hair transplant surgery, but feel wary about the transplant surgeons, here are a few handy tips for you.

  • Collect details about the kind of services offered by them.
  • Review and verify the work of the surgeons.
  • See whether the doctors make use of modern and advanced equipment.
  • Go online and look for feedbacks and complaints.

When choosing a hair transplant clinic for you or your closed one, keep these above mentioned points in mind. At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, Kolkata, the surgeons analyze the specific health condition of a patient and offers services accordingly. The surgery is totally simple and pain-free, giving you results that you’ve always craved for.


BER Assessment- A Commercial Viewpoint

DEAP software

As we already know, the owner or developer of a new establishment hires a registered BER assessor, to carry out an assessment based on the plans and specifications of the building. The assessors follow a standardized procedure based on a pre approved rating scale and a standard code. A Commercial BER Certificate is a label similar to the one used for non-commercial buildings. The label in this case is of a 21 point scale, which indicates the energy rating of a property, an A rating being the most efficient and rating G, being the least.

Commercial BER Assessment

The BER assessment of any commercial establishment differs greatly from any non-commercial or residential BER. Commercial BER Assessment is divided into three categories i.e. three four and five. Commercial Building Energy Rating Assessment Dublin, gives us a brief understanding of the various categories, which are described as below:

  • The most common commercial buildings fall under Category 4 and covers all new and old buildings are it offices, supermarkets or even warehouses.
  • Buildings with lesser complexities having simple natural ventilation belong to Category 3 type of commercial buildings. Example – Doctor’s chamber or surgery.
  • All factories fall under Category 5 building types, which are the most complex.

The Methodology Used

Non Domestic Energy Assessment ProcedureThe BER and the advisory report for new and already existing buildings are generated by the Non Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure ( NEAP ). This methodology calculates the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions associated with any standardized commercial building. The method and assessment take into account:

  • The age structure and the geometry of the building
  • The heating system that has been used in the building
  • The ventilation used in the building
  • The thickness of the insulation materials used and its type
  • The kind of lighting used, and finally
  • The type of renewable technologies used

After the assessment is done, the survey findings are imputed into the DEAP software, by a Energy Assessor Dublin . The data are then uploaded and the BER certificate is generated by the Advisory report, which gives recommendations for improvements. Thus a commercial BER certificate helps to decrease the energy cost involved thereby increasing the energy rating of the building!

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