Optical Projects At A Faster And Cost Effective Method

People and companies have needed for optical projects are it for university research or for commercial purpose. Optical design is required by anybody who is linked with optics. A simple lens maker to an optical engineer needs optical designs.

There is need of opto mechanical design for every optical project. It is a sub division of optical engineering and is associated with housing of different optical instruments into a mechanical system to do some optical work. Optics for hire offers these help to common people at a faster and cost-effective way.

Firstly, to start a project with the company you have just to fill up an online questioner and send it to the company. The price, time of project will all be then decided mutually. The services offered by optics for hire are many as described below.

Design and Engineering

If you need specialization in optical design the company can offer a team of specialized staff. Some of them are doctorates having a vast experience behind them. Companies hire this company to design a single lens to more complicated optical instruments. Some of the past projects include zoom lenses, endoscope, night vision, robotics, bar code reader and many others.

LED system design

LED is the main part of many optical systems. LED system design requires a team of trained and expertise engineers which the company has. Clients have been satisfied by the project team. The designing part is really complicated as it has to cope with thousands of ray of light. Some of the past projects are related to reflectors, flash light, street lights, light pipes and many others. There is another service related to this that is optical patent analysis.

Electronics design

The electronics engineering team of Optics for hire is really experienced and capable. There are modern and well equipped research centers at Lviv, Ukraine where research can be done and the design implemented. The company has built boards for Thorlabs , Avago and many others.

Expertise in ZEMAX

The company has three seats of ZEMAX and one of FRED for optical design. The company uses SolidWorks and AutoCad for opto mechanical design. The mechanical engineers of this company are experts in zoom lens and multi element lens design. The work in union with optical engineers and offer a cost-effective design.

Optical Disc Expertise

The company has engineers who worked on optical drive technology and so has the experience and ability in this field. The company works on optical data storage, holigraphic data storage and LaserCard format.

Optics for hire offers optical patent analysis also. If anyone needs patent portfolio review this is company to come to. They have 20 years of experience in this field and their finds are treated as expert witness in litigation


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