Overview of Custom Lens Design

In the custom lens design solution process, requirements for an optical system are rehabilitated into a prescription that specifies the array of optical components needed to meet those necessities. A custom lens design solution includes the detailed information on tolerances & shop drawings that make the optical system attainable, reproducible, & affordable for our customer.

Lens Designer’s responsibilities

The art & science of custom lens design goes well further than the handy software tools that crunch numbers & can generate helpful hypothetical solutions. The job of making the optical system that’s workable & just right for a customer needs more –a solid understanding of imaging & physical optics and behavior, for example diffraction, as well as background & practical experience on glass possessions, precision optical manufacturing, opto-mechanical design, & optical assembly. It’s only with this array of knowledge & tools, and awareness of what it gets to make the optical system, that an Optical Lens Designer can master the design chore.

Lens designers combine higher degrees in optics with a broad foundation of practical fabrication experience. Backed via this winning combination, they’ve successfully met the needs of a broad range of optics customers, with their designs now in use in national laboratories & widely used in laser ablation, bio-medical applications, consumer electronics, industrial applications, & defense and so on.

After Completion of Custom Lens Design

At the conclusion of custom lens design, you own the design & have a number of choices. Among these opportunities is to take advantage of Optics manufacturing experience for opto-mechanical system design, testing, prototyping, & final assembly. They can also support third-party fabrication and prototyping as needed.

Thus, in the custom lens design solution of any optic, lens designers understand the art of custom lens design & apply their skills to meet the challenging performance, fabrication, & cost requirements of today optical systems.


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