PVC Pipelines and Fixtures – Exploring Its World of Endless Benefits

PVC Pipes KolkataPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a vinyl polymer or a thermoplastic polymer made of repeating vinyl groups. Since it’s durable, cheap and easy to arrange, PVC is extensively used in the construction industry. It was discovered twice in the 19th century – firstly by Henri Victor Regnault in the year 1835 and secondly by Eugen Baumann in 1872. In the early phase of the 20th century, Russian chemists Ivan Ostromislensky and Fritz Klatte tried using PVC in commercial constructions.

Scaffolding Kolkata

Scaffolding Manufacturing

PVC is an excellent construction material and used widely for making pipelines and fittings. Being an eco-friendly plastic, it consists only 57 percent chlorine. This means that relatively less crude oil is needed to manufacture it. For those who want to trim down their overall construction expenses, consider moving on to these fittings since they’re cheaper than metal or other materials. There’s a range of riveting options, for example primers, end caps and PVC Pipes in Kolkata. These PVC fittings and pipes have a range of applications – residential plumbing set ups to complicated plumbing set ups. The biggest benefits of polyvinyl chloride pipes are – durability, heat and fire resistant, environment friendly and thermo resistant.

These pipelines also upkeep the quality of water, prevent leakage and provides excellent link between the pipes. Different PVC pipe machines are employed for manufacturing a range of fittings and pipelines like PET Sheet Extrusion Line, In-line Socketing Machine for Pvc Pipes, Plastic Single-wall Corrugated pipes, Scaffolding in Kolkata and PVC Pipe Slotting Machine.

PVC fittings – Top benefits

• Does not tarnish or oxidize like standard iron pipe fittings. In sharp contrast to iron or copper fixtures, no toxic element can corrode these.
• Being light in weight, it’s pretty easy to transport. Therefore, you can save a lot on transport costs.
• Since PVC pipes are defiant to most of the chemicals, they’re widely used in the field of agriculture; here, the pipelines are constantly exposed to a range of fertilizers, chemicals, eroding soil and varied temperatures.


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