Cargo Insurance Service Kolkata For Covering High Risk Items

Transporting shipment across the globe is a mammoth’s task and arranging for the right insurance coverage is all the more difficult. Most companies that over coverage for your shipment mostly relies of the weight on the goods and not on its value. This becomes a reason of concern when you are transporting domestic goods. A crystal chandelier will obviously weigh less than a sofa set but is more expensive than it.

However, the darkest nights are often followed by the brightest mornings. Spending some qualitative time over the net will bring you across those providers who offer cargo insurance service in Kolkata and offer a complete replacement value. Some of them even offer Primary Insurance Cover for the convenience of the customers.

Regardless to the fact that you are moving your shipment through sea, air or land the providers who offer contingent coverage only offers a meager amount that will not offer your total replacement of the real value of your shipment. Obviously, you claim for a more extensive coverage but for this you have to pay a huge amount of premium. Besides, this type of insurance will still fail to cover high risk goods like jewelry, artworks and expensive works of art. These types of coverage do not guarantee most returns for the losses incurred on the goods.

Choosing a Primary Insurance Cover is the only way out if you want the company to repay you the real loss. The company that offers this type of coverage even extends its coverage for covering high risk items. The choice of the freighter is completely vested on your hand. The Primary coverage also takes in the freighter’s liability irrespective of the terms and conditions that your shipping company offers you. If you need a regular shipper for shipping your goods that may have high risk, ask your insurance provider to arrange Primary Insurance coverage for you.

Cargo Insurance involves a wide range and you need to have a vivid knowledge of the procedure before you actually buy any of these. Search. If you need to freight goods overseas, search for the best air cargo company in Kolkata, they are the one who can also come up with coverage of your high risk items.


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