Interesting Facts about Tea Bags – Its Origin and Usage

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There are different kinds of tea bags available in the market. These are porous paper bags of small stature with sealing of silk or nylon having tea leaves stored in them that are needed for tea brewing. The bag acts as a tea infuser and helps in disposing the leaves that it stores inside your cup. Some tea bags do not come with any strings that are needed to dip them into the hot liquid for adding leaker. In countries, where the use of loose tea leaves is mostly predominant; you can witness the use of paper or foil for wrapping loose tea leaves inside. They are available in square or rectangular shaped bags bearing the emblem and name of its manufacturer.

The first tea bags that were designed for commercial use came into being in the year 1903, this was made of muslin. Thomas Sullivan was the one who introduced these tea bags around the world in the year 1904. Before the invention of these bags, tea leaves were used directly from the packet for making tea. The introduction of these bags made tea consuming have a touch of sophistication. The modern form of these tea bags that are heat proof was designed by William Hermanson. These bags are tolerant of high temperature. The modern tea bags are made from vegetables and wooden fibers. The ingredients for manufacturing these bags makes them heat proof and durable.

If you are in search of good quality tea bags in India, search over the internet to get all the required information about tea bag manufacturer in India. For investing in high quality bags, you need to be very precise in your decision making. Investigate about the ingredients these companies use in manufacturing these bags and the technologies that are involved in designing these. Opt for the one who involves the latest technique and qualitative raw materials for manufacturing the best bags.

Some companies have even stepped into manufacturing Constanta tea bags in India. Choose for a company that offers good quality tea bags for less.


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