Knowing About Different Cabling Problems & Cabling Requirements

When we are speaking of cabling problems, they are a lot to speak about. The cabling problems arising in domestic installation are generally categorized into two; either the circuit protective conductor is missing or the insulation on the cable is not of the correct type. However, when it comes about the cables requiring serving irrigation purpose, you need to opt for good quality submersible cables. Opting for finest quality of PVC3 core flat submersible cable in Kolkata can solve the problem on the water supply in both residential and commercial sectors in the city.


Since 1960, it has been mandatory to have a flat cable insulated with PVC coating in all domestic installation. But there has been a serious controversy among the opinion of cable makers about the longevity of these cables. However, it is proved that cables that are installed correctly and are not exposed to excessive corrosive temperature may last for an indefinitely long period.

In the early sixties before the plastic came to be used predominantly, the insulation of electric cables was mostly done with rubber. The earlier forms of cable had colored shielded crux that were safeguarded by an outer coating containing chemicals that acted as a protective agent against drying or breaking of the cables. However as the inner core wasn’t insulated well, so in the areas like sockets, junction boxes or at the back of the switches where they were exposed, they had a tendency to break away or dry out. However, how long or how early these cables would wear out could not be predicted. This normally depends upon the installation process but was stimulated by dry atmosphere or by excessive higher temperature. This made it an absolute requirement for replacing other cables with the one with PVC coating.


When it comes to industrial use PVC power cables serve the purpose best. They are one they are used for transmission of powers in the overhead cable or in any other type of electrical appliances. Any alteration in this form of cabling can invite trouble. Searching for the best quality PVC unarmored power cables in Kolkata is the sort out the cabling problems in power plants and industrial sectors of the city.


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